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Nifflas: Where Librarians Mean Business!

"The world was given form by The Inebriated One. And Lo, He was utterly sloshed, and thus did forget to stick it together properly. And yea, it all fell apart into lots of little pieces and, in His Infinite Wisdom, He made the pieces float rather than clutter up His junk room floor, where He had stuck it. And Lo, He did chuck in junk from time to time, so that lots of bits and bobs of other worlds He had made did clutter its surface. In His name we drink. Cheers."

- Liber Inebrius 6:19, Translated from the original High Falutin
Welcome folks! This is Nifflas. A lighthearted, quirky, colorful, wacky, stylized, high-flying adventure game where we're not afraid to reconnect with our inner child. Something utterly unusual, but rich in its tone and style. Something you can imagine to the cel-shaded artistic style of Wind Waker or certain Final Fantasies, set to the soundtrack of World of Goo, Pushing Daisies, or Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. I realize the people who'll appreciate this kind of game will likely be few and far between, but I'm willing to try something a little different than the usual.

The Setting:
From the moment I opened the thread, I was enchanted by the setting of Nifflas. What started from the collected mental jumblings of one player has evolved thanks to the contributions of a startlingly creative community. I'll be making a number of changes from the setting as its stands in the Wiki, but the main points and the spirit of the setting will remain the same.

Nifflas is a world of floating islands in an endless sky, a giant junkyard where stories are the most valuable commodity. The biggest - and possibly only - city, the Day, spans five islands and grew up around two invaluable resources - magical mills that grind up names and corpses and create food; and a giant Library in the trunk of a colossal tree.
A few more notes:
- At its heart, Nifflas is a world built on a foundation of shameless plagiarism. Expect silly references and thinly veiled rip-offs from me. I'm still something of a novice DM, and it'll be my first time DM'ing on Myth-Weavers, so I expect both leniency and patience from my players.
- As you can guess, this game will definitely lean towards roleplay as opposed to combat. Not that I have anything against combat, but I predict the players will self-select towards story-driven scenarios.
- Even though Nifflas is a hodgepodge of ideas, I must admit that I do suffer from overprotectiveness of my own settings. Don't take it as an offense if I smack down an idea. I'll do my best to warn you if I don't care for something before you put too much effort into fleshing it out.
- There are many aspects of the world that are out there to explore. From recovering overdue books to sky pirating. I'm still not sure which direction the adventure we'll pursue. I'd prefer to leave that up to the players, so it'll change depending on the type of applications and commentary I receive.

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