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The Chimeric City
a D&D 4th Edition Campaign Setting

The City
Nobody knows when the City was built, or who built it. Some believe that the City was constructed by ancient gods; others say that it has always existed. No one knows where the City's boundaries lie, or even if it has any, it's imposing stone constructions sprawling far and wide, many parts crumbling in forgotten ruin; endless miles of columns and ziggurats and pyramids, countless descending levels of catacombs and sewers and sub-sewers.

The Regions and Boroughs of the City
By convention, the City is divided into four regions, one for each of the four cardinal directions: Northtel, Southtel, Easttel, and Westtel. Each region houses several boroughs which act as independent political entities. Each of these boroughs have their own distinct architectural styles and naming conventions, all of which resemble those found in some ancient city from our own world. Below is a list of the four regions and their major boroughs, along with regional benefits based on the predominant regional topography, conditions, and inhabitants. The architectural style and naming convention of each borough is listed in parentheses.

Environment and Society in the City

The Chimeric People of the City
For reasons unknown and usually unquestioned, the people of the City come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some may have violet cat-eyes, or aquamarine feathers, scales, fur, a prehensile tail, or any number of features that might seem outlandish if such things were not considered completely the norm.

Player Characters
All people within the City are of a single race, but as the inhabitants vary so widely, PCs may choose any race's racial traits (except warforged), provided you can come up with an original appearance and a reasonable rational for your character's racial traits. Keep in mind however that some races are more problematic than others (see "Problematic Racial Traits" below), and remember that "interesting" and "original" are not synonymous with throwing as many physiological accessories onto your character as possible.

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