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You are soldiers of the Thirteenth. When the City-States blossomed after the fall of the Council, the Treaty of Vergyar stipulated that each one maintain a standing army of no more than twelve legions. It took less than a month for the first band of mercenaries to form: the Thirteenth Legion. The oldest and most prestigious band, with a reputation for cunning and heroism, with an honor and devotion to one another that is stronger than any physical bond, the Thirteenth are those who are hired when a problem needs an extraordinary solution.

You have been with the Thirteenth for a few months, and now find yourselves at the siege of the City-State of Thallos, as the Thirteenth Legion, working for the City-State of Feandros, prepares for their role as the first forces to enter the city.

Who are you? Who have you been? What will you become when battle has forged you into something more?

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