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So what happens when the corporation decides to try a new genetic acceleration program and those first few test subjects don't work out as well as they are supposed to? What happens when that government operation to create a new food source for the masses instead turns the plant life into raving monsters? What happens when that lone scientist knows that his next experiment will be the one that puts him back into limelight... only to create a 20 foot creature that decides downtown is a good place... for its breakfast.

When things get out of control, who do you call? No, not Ghostbusters. You call your team. Only problem is that every time you accept a mission, you wonder if you're going to be able to survive long enough to cash the payment at the end.


This game is inspired by different movies, games and novels. This includes such games as Resident Evil and Silent Hill, movies such as The Night of The Living Dead trilogy and 28 Days Later, and more horror novels than you can shake a stick at.

Game System

This game will be using the Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition ruleset. It is set in a Modern Age era (same world as Freedom City is located) with a good dose of Iron Age grim natured fun. Responsibility for one's actions is a key theme in this game as in many cases you will be going in to clean up after other people's messes.

If there is one category that can fit this game is 'Action Horror.' There will be a good amount of combat and action and there is definitely a good amount of horror involved.

Power Levels and Restrictions

The PL for this game is 7 (105 PP). As per the Mastermind's Manual, no more than 14 points can be spent on one power. Even though these characters are superhuman, I want to have a game that is less superhuman and more really really amazing normal humans. This is going to restrict some of the uber powers out there and really really boosting them beyond belief, but at the same time its necessary for what this game will start with. Please understand that if your characters survive long enough, you will get a decent amount of PP in one shot.

You will be working for an independent international government agency whose name I am borrowing from Resident Evil: BSAA (Bioterriorism Security Assessment Alliance). You are all new recruits and I would prefer that most of the characters come from a military or scientific background. This is not a requirement, but it does help.

Character Submission Guidelines

In order to be fully considered for the game, you must have a complete application posted in this thread no later than TUESDAY JUNE 10TH AT 12:00 AM EDT. In other words, when the clock strikes midnight from Monday into Tuesday, the application process for this game is closed. I am looking for no more than 6 people for this game.

All characters need to have a full character sheet linked (using the M&M sheet on site) along with the following information (in these specific categories):

Character Name, Code Name (if any), Date of Birth, Location of Birth, Physical Appearance, Personal Background, Objectives/Goals (in other words, plot hooks for yours truly) and finally anything else that you might think I should know to influence your acceptance in the game. Millions of dollars deposited into a Swiss bank account will always work.

A Few Last Words

I originally was going to run this as an Agent level game but thought it would be more interesting to up the power level and allow superhuman abilities. Just remember that this is going to be a bit more toned down than a standard super hero game but I sure hope I get a few people here.

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