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  • Created Jun 3 '09
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This system takes the best of 3.5, Pathfinder, Arcana Evolved, and Iron Heroes and makes an interesting, diverse, balance system. Magic has been down graded a bit, i have gone through all the of SC and edited each spell to fit into this setting. The default setting I like to use is FR as I have been playing in it for 20 years and I know the histories and NPC well. I will be running a few games using these rules, 1 or 2 live games using maptools and 1 game PBP only(though not on here so wont be recruiting for that). I may add a 2nd PBP if time permits it. I hope to test this system and maybe offer it to the publishers of iron heroes and Arcane Evolved, i got the ok to use the magic system from AE which is great!

here is how i see the classes:

Barbarians should be able to get in fast and deal loads of damage and take a beating, their DR and rage keeps them alive through the combat long enough for healer so to get to them if need me

Bards are the all rounders, they can cast ANY spell from a large list of spells(no limits on known spells) but once they cast a spell it is locked in as a prepared spell for the day, so they start with lots of choices as they cast their spells their choices become limited. They got lots of skills for the tricks and their songs can boost and help in combat. They choose which type of perform to specialize in and their bardic powers changed based on which they choose.

Cleric are the healers but they can also help in combat, they got the armour to wade into combat but unlike other melee types dont hit as much. They spells are used to heal and boost the party. They can cast many curing and healing spells without preparing them.

Druids role is the scout, they can shape change and keep ahead of the party looking out for dangers, their spells help distract and create barriers on the battlefield, slowing or directing the foes to the meleers and away from the casters. They can fight beside the meleers but with little armour are in danger of getting hurt too much. They get basic healing.

Fighters are the smart tactical ones, unlike barbarians who rush in raging, the fighter tries to control the battlefield and his class skills allow him to place himself where he is needed fast and to guess what the foes will try. They can be heavier armoured tanks or fast light swashbucklers.

Monks are the unarmed fighters, they use speed to get around the battlefield, and they are hard to pin down. They dont do as much damage as other classes but they can get to spellcasters and other dangerous targets faster than anyone. Where Others use armour to take the bite of the hit, the Monk rather not take the hit at all.

Paladins are the holy warriors, they can fight beside the fighter with ease, and some are mount experts. They got some healing that help both themselves and party but nothing compared to cleric but more than druid. They get a small number of divine spells to cast to bring them on level with barbarian and fighters. They are best when fighting evil and tend to out perform both fighters and barbarians when fighting evil.

Rangers are lesser scouts then druids but only cause they cant change, they hide and move in the wilds with ease and their combat styles either follow two handed fighting or archery. They get some divine spells to help them with hiding and combat. Because they can only wear up to medium armour they tend to backup another fighter types and help flank them if go that way.

Rogues are the sneaks of the group, they make great scouts and with so many skills can be useful both in and out of combat. Their sneak attacks when they get them off can turn a battle but they must be careful, they are lightly armoured and have low HP, more than one rogue bite off more than he could chew and they really do need other meleers.

Sorcerers like the bard have access to a large list of spells to choose from and as they use them lock their daily spells into place. So at the beginning of the day can use any spell she knows but as the day wears on she has less choice. Her magic comes from bloodlines not study.

Wizards are frail characters that if live through first few levels become powerful forces. Each of the school of magic give something to a wizard to help him and if they dont specailize then they can learn all spells they come into contact with.

right 1st off i wanted to say those that are interested will be using a updated 3.5 system i am working on. I will be using parts of various d20 systems that have fixed alot of the holes in 3.5. Iron heros for feats(mastery feats) Arcane Evolved for the magic system, and some of pathfinder for the class changes.

i am looking to start this game in 2 weeks but want to see how much interest i got here. I have 2 players now and 2 on the backburns, so would like 2-4 more as 3 of the players are not reliable .

here is a bit alot the system changes

thats all for now basically i am trying to get each of the classes to play nice and not have one overpower any other, even cleric and mages should have to rely on the other classes and not be one man parties.

i got a pdf that i am working on that i can give access to any that wants to read through the changes and decide if they want to try this game out when it is ready in a few weeks.

the kind of players i want:
they have to like making PCs or updating them as i will be advancing them fast.
Dont mind taking on new changes and then after talking about problems or good thing about the changes.

thats all for now.
I been playtesting for last 2 months and got another DM running another group.

If any DMs what to look at this and run it please contact me as well ;)
Post any questions or comments here if like :)

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