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It was believed that the children of the Lantern Street Orphanage would never be seen again. After days of searching the underbelly of the adventuring mecca of Cauldron, the Called of Cauldron found nothing more than an long neglected reliquary infested with a roguish band of skulks, their digging automatons, and a Thrall Vine reanimating the fallen denizens to serve it insatiable hunger. The band of young adventurers resurfaced, resupplied and eventually moved on.

It was later revealed via the area's syndicate of town criers and express messengers that two of the Lantern Street orphans were uncovered by an adventuring company exploring disturbances deep within the Underdark in route to the City of the Spider Queen, Maerimydra. It was later disclosed that the Vanishing, touted by the paranoid as a magical sickness, was in truth, an aggressive slaving operation being carried out by a Half-trollen, half-dwarven slaver named Kazmojen whom dwelled beneath the gnome city of Jzardirune, utilizing an ancient smuggler's hold that accessed the Underdark. The children, now safe and back with their families, had apparently been sold as slave labor to work the floating hydroponic gardens of a Drow Elf community.

...but this was not the end of the Called's journey. As fate would have it, their orphan saving days were far from over. Rook, the party's rogue, had moved on, escaped even; evading the unyielding hunt of the Scarlet Brotherhood and their desire to get at what was hidden within his pants; his current location unknown. The remaining members, however, held fast, finding the bond of their shared traumas and experiences to strong to simply discard one another. As a group, they traveled north along the Hellfurnaces; through the Hold of the Sea Princes; across the troll infested Holl Marshes, and eventually found themselves in the ramshackle town of Peregrine's Hollow, a small lumber town settled on the edge of the Dreadwood Vale.

Here, as the guests of the lumberlords, the Gods aim to give the Called their second chance.

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