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"I have seen your kind before, its the look in your eyes. A cross between impatience and wonder. Sure you may think you are different than the others. They all do, but one in the same they are all looking for the same thing. Adventure. Sure you might have a different reason, maybe a different way of finding it, but sure as my ale is stout and my food stouter, you have that look in your eyes."

Game Master

That would be me! I was a member of this board a long long time ago (or maybe another similar board) and found myself having much less time in real life and not enough time in this life. However, I once again find myself without a consistent gaming group and wanting to tell a story with some good ole' DnD players. So here it goes...

Game Premise

If you didn't guess from the title and the bit of flavor text I threw up there at the top, then I suppose I will enlighten you here. Basically a group of adventurers walk into a bar without knowing each other and from there the adventure begins. I know its pretty simple but I wanted to leave some room for character development and not give away to much of the story.

Application Process

Okay first and foremost I want to see people much more than I want to see numbers. I am sure that your Half-fiend, elder wyrm, ogre Druid,Ranger, Assassin would be a blast to play but numbers and abilities don't get my attention. Give me a unique background (or maybe even a not so unique one), give me something I can spin a story around, that will hook me and most likely lead to an invite. For example you are a deposed prince who is seeking a way to regain his lost crown, or maybe you are a simple farm boy who wasn't left anything when your Pa died. I don't believe many people wake up one day and think "hey I am going to be and adventurer", tell me why your character became an adventurer

In short please post the following information about your character either publicly or using the privacy tags:


note*I really prefer if you stick with the standard Races from the PHB, however I am willing to consider non standard races (if you want to run a non standard race contact me ahead of time and we will discuss it)

note*I am pretty open to most classes, however if you want to run something that is not in the PHB please contact me about it so I can give it some consideration. As a note, I am not a big fan of monks though I will allow them.

Character background and Description: Where are you from, who are your parents, why did you choose to become who you have... Feel free to be creative, if you want to be from a contry named Aleria, then do so I am keeping the setting kind of generic so you all can be a bit creative without feeling to restricted.

And etc......

I am looking for five to seven players and am going to hold this open until Friday. So Friday about 9pm Eastern (U.S.) I will be selecting who made it and who didn't.

I know I didn't provide any rules for die roles and that was done on purpose. We will get the crunchy bits taken care of AFTER I approve your character concept.

From the reading I have been doing on these boards the last couple weeks, I know there are some very creative people. I look forward to getting to know you!

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