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At the height of Netherilís power, the fortress of Spellgard held many great secrets of the Empire of Magic. Now only ruins remain.... and one last guardian, the near-mythical Lady Saharel, whose prophetic visions draw the desperate and the doomed from across FaerŻn. But a dark presence in one of Spellgardís intact towers wants to control the power of prophecy for itself and remake the future in its own image.

Lady Saharel has a secret. What secret? All of them...

In Scepter Tower of Spellgardô, the player characters brave the dangers of a fortress of Lost Netheril. Treasures of that ancient empire are said to be hidden within, but the relics of a bygone age pale in comparison to Spellgardís greatest treasure: Lady Saharel.

Once the ruler of Spellgard, Lady Saharel exists beyond death as a kind of prophetic spirit. On those rare occasions when she appears within the ruins of Spellgard, she answers questions posed by any mortals nearby. No query is off limits. Lady Saharel can tell a seeker the location of the secret door to a dragonís lair, why his or her betrothed disappeared mysteriously last month, and what will happen if someone reconciles with estranged friends.

Although no prophecy is supposed to be able to determine the future with complete accuracy, it is said that Lady Saharelís answers have yet to be proven wrong. As a result, numerous travelers seek the rubble of Spellgard. Some come in search of assurance before making fateful decisions. Others desire an omniscient guide to acquiring wealth or power. Some come in search of answers that are far more personal: the whereabouts of a lost love, the identity of a parent, or how to find the strength to live with the choices of oneís past.

Over the broken walls of Spellgard and the broken dreams of those who seek it looms the Scepter Tower. One of the few structures left standing after Spellgardís fall, the Scepter Tower has become home to a dark presence that seeks to control the power of Lady Saharelís prophecies.

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