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Number of PlayersSeeking 4-6

PlayersGreenRipper - Gaaph
narrow24 - Krota
Everlaststar - Taani Sunz
DocZoid - Hallam Cale
Fragskull - Nomar Tuvion
Madadh - Kalimvor Druskin

SettingRolling Rebellion is a Star Wars Saga Edition campaign set during the height of the Empire's Power, several weeks before the Battle of Yavin. The first Death Star has just been completed, the Rebel Alliance is in full swing, and a young moisture farmer from Tatooine will soon learn of his father's legacy and get a hint of his own destiny.

The campaign opens on the planet Kwevron, an agri-world that supplies foodstuffs to many other worlds. There is a light Imperial presence and a lighter knowledge of the wider happenings of the Galaxy.

This game will be run using an old published campaign. There will be changes to the campaign to reflect my own style and preferences, which should help any players that recognize it still find enjoyment.

Application and Character CreationApplications should be made in the Game Ad thread and include only a Background story, personality description, and other non-rules information. Character Creation should not occur until after acceptance into the game. I have several house rules in the game forum that should be viewed before such action is taken, and likely any character created for this game will require quite a bit of interaction between GM and Player that is more easily accomplished outside the public forums of the Site.

Character Stories should include a reason that the character is on Kwevron, and cooperation between players to facilitate acquaintances if not friendships will be helpful, but is not required.

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