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[An Introduction]
Alright, just to jump right into things, this game takes place on Giruvegan, the Rain Continent. Its always dark, always raining and always cold. Your characters are students at the prestigious Military academy in Persephone. A reason string of events around town has authorities worried and talk of bad omens classes have been canceled. With the school canceled and the students and teachers out of the town for the most part, crime has been on the rise and the reason behind the omens has yet to be found...

[Game Master(s)]
Me - I'm the DM

[Game Explanation]
The game is as much about character interaction as it is about fighting and building characters. We're basically going to be exploring the friendships of these young people as they fight through this. Try to keep characters fresh and think about the theme of what they are.

[Application Process]

Starting Gold is 250--knock yourselves out!

[Character Creation]

  • Looking for 4 or 6 players
  • No Level Adjustment Races (Drow would become just like elves if you want them)
  • At creation you get an extra full hit die
  • Characters start at Level 1 (expect fast progression for the first few levels)
  • I give EXP for role playing as well as combat
  • Run all feats by the DM
  • No classes from Book of Nine Swords
  • 40 point buy or the 4d6r1 method are acceptable
  • There's no alignment - I want to try this out to encourage people to act how they're character would, not how their alignment dictates.
  • This game is more about character interaction and reaction than straight combat.
  • Looking for players who can post at least once every two days.

[Any additional information or requirements]
Anything else you need to know, just ask...the game can be found here.

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