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I'm working on solidifying my world and balancing out the races and classes that I have made, this is where you as the players come in. I'm looking for people who are interesting in helping me by running through random encounters of different levels. I will run this both on IRC and here on the forums depending on how many people show interest. This game does not require any knowledge of my setting, and only basic understanding of how DnD works. I will be accepting pretty much anyone that applies, if you are interested in helping GM encounters, and have a knack for following rules I may be looking to expand this beyond just myself.

I expect that you will follow the rules of the game, this isn't designed for Roleplay, it is strictly for game balance, hacking through some monsters and yes, getting killed and testing new things out. If you have a good knowledge of the rules and feats in DnD this will greatly help in your ability to help test out possibilities.

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You can find all the info necessary for character creation Here:
The World of Cora

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