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Space is vast, and the region of it controlled by man is yet small. A bubble, a mere 50 light years across, in an ordinary arm of an ordinary galaxy in an ordinary cluster. That should change. Having set out to journey into space, whether as a member of the proud United Worlds military, or as a trader, or a scout, you have shown that you have a desire to improve the fate of mankind. To push our boundaries, and face our foes. To stand tall, and seek the unseen for the benefit of yourself, your children, and your children's children. Within this manual, you will find handy survival tips. An index of known hazards, navigational, radiological, and biological. There are navigation charts, updatable trade indexes, spectrometer readings, and lists of local customs and handy phrases for all known words. However, this is no substitute for experience. While we can point you in the proper direction, it is for you to walk the path. Good luck, spacer, and we hope you find this book useful.

-Introduction from "The Spacer's Manual, 12th edition"

This game is going to be run using the current Traveller rules (If you're hard up, you can get the Mongoose Pocket version for under 20 bucks, or I hear there's an SRD but I haven't found it). The year is 2187, mankind has been interstellar for some 80 years now and has claimed ownership of some 500 odd stars, but cannot effectively police more than a third of that. About 80% of the population lives on earth, and almost everyone lives in core worlds.

The Final War was fought in 2050, and since then earth is under unified rule (but largely resents it). The colonies are beginning to stir for independence, largely as a result of lengthy travel times. But they don't have warships, or the manufacturing or population base to do much more than hold protests. There have been border skirmishes with a few species humanity has encountered, and a few primitives have been brought under "Protectorate" status within the UW, but this is an entirely human game to begin with.

Earth is tech 12. The only major changes from the core rules are: the existence of Ansibles (one ansible can only ever talk to one other ansible, but the communication is instantaneous) so lines of communication are significantly shorter; and jump time is proportional to your maximum jump distance (jump 1 travelling a parsec takes a week, jump 4 travelling a parsec takes just under 2 days). Everyone is human. Everything else is up to you, but bear in mind options that would REQUIRE you to leave system are not available in backstory (Marines, Navy, and all that are options, but would be running around Sol).

Standard Character generation in a PM thread with me or Wacko (this is traveller, so it is a bit random), most books allowed given the tech 12 limit. You may have to wait on me to get it though. You can be psionic without fear of witch hunts, but it is rare and you have low likelihood of developing it.

We'll be using the Stellar Database here for travel times. It's not worth projecting where everything will be in 200 years, so we're treating the stars as fixed. We're running a mercenary campaign, but any build is welcome (we've got an administrator, could use a medic, some engineers, pilots/drivers, etc.) Just make an interesting character and explain what you're doing signing up, and there'll be no worries. We're planning on mostly running around on a little low pop, low tech world that the government of hired us to help oppress the people they've conquered. Any take on the situation is welcome, and you can branch any way you feel like.

This is NOT, I repeat NOT!!! set in the third imperium. There are no vilani or zhodani, and the solomani just call themselves humans. This is a homebrew space opera setting of my own, somewhere between Firefly, Star Trek, and 2300 AD.

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