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The Storm of Chaos

All of you grew up listening to stories of the Great War Against Chaos. The tale of Magnus the Pious and his victory over the armies of Chaos is well known. While there have been wars and threats in the 200 years since, there has been nothing on that scale. Until now. This year the Chaos Lord Archaon invaded the Empire with five mighty armies. They swept down from the Chaos Wastes, ranks filled with mutant warriors, nightmarish monsters, and power-mad sorcerers. Flagellants and other prophets of doom declared these the End Times and as these armies pillaged and burned their way through the northern provinces of the Empire, it was easy to believe.

You've heard endless stories over the past few months. They say that Sigmar once again walked the earth. They say an army of wolves attacked the Kislevite city of Erengrad. they say the dead rose from their graves to defend the Empire. They say a mighty victory was won at Middenheim. They say a plague has choked the streets of Talabheim with bloated corpses.

You can only believe what is in front of your eyes. You are in the town of Untergard in the Drakwald Forest. A nine-day battle took place here, as Beastmen tried to force their way across the town's great bridge. They were rebuffed but the price was high. The town is in ruins and its remaining citizens struggle to survive. The Imperial army has long since moved on from Untergard, leaving behind only its dead. You've heard tell of more battles up north but the war here seems over. Or so you hope.

You have been in Untergard for several days, as rainstorms of utmost savagery lashed the Drakwald. You find two things when you awaken: the rainstorm has broken and there is a commotion in the nearby Ackerplatz.

[Game Master]
Me, Deran

[Game Explanation]
The second in my celebration games, I am running this one to celebrate my receiving the cool new Career Compendium for WFRP from Fantasy Flight Games.

[Application Process]
You can apply to this game in one of two ways.

Either post the following if you'd like to choose your own starting character:

Starting Career:

Backgrounds don't need to be extensive as you're just starting out as heroes, but they do need to cover what, if anything, the character was doing during the Storm of Chaos invasion and how they ended up in Untergard.

Or you can go to the thread in the game forum (the link is at the top of the ad) and roll randomly. Please note that if you are rolling you either roll just a starting career (and create the rest yourself) or roll for everything. No mixing and matching. Also you can roll for a Career by Role. This is a cool table in the Career Compendium that allows you to roll in a more focused fashion. The choices are Academic, Commoner Criminal, Ranger and Warrior.

[Character Creation]
We will deal with this after acceptance, but it will go according to the WFRP core rulebook.

[Books Allowed]

All materials for WFRP published by either Black Industries or Fantasy Flight are fair game.

[Other Notes]
I would like for this group to have a bit more cohesion than I've seen in many WFRP games in the past. To support this I will definitely accept one concept that is an aspiring Witch Hunter. This person will serve as a plot trigger and focal point for the group with the rest of the group as his or her posse. Understand that this will come with in-game responsibilities as well (not not the benefit of bossing the other characters around ;)). I will likely end up trying to choose a group that fulfills all of the roles listed above in the App Process section. My choices will be made based on your concept and the writing ability you display in your application rather than mechanical knowledge of the WFRP system, so don't worry if you're new to WFRP (as long as you're familiar with the Warhammer Fantasy world). That's it... if you have any questions please post them! Good luck and good gaming!

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