Slouching Toward Bethlehem

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  • Created Jun 18 '09
  • Last Post Oct 28 '09 at 2:13am
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

Slouching Toward Bethlehem

D20 Modern with Homebrew

"The fools and the Televangelists will place distant dates on the end--it was the year 2000 and then it was 2012...but I can tell you first hand this isn't new behavior. Since before I was born there's always been some degenerate of a Seer who looked at the Heavens and prophesied the coming of the end. They were wrong. I can tell you that the end's not coming. It's here." ~ Gwen Headmistress of the Vampire Council

Something is wrong in the world; demonic possession which used to be a rare occurrence is happening more often. Dark rituals are taking place all over cities all around the world. The entire city of Whitefall, Colorado vanished without a trace--the only clue to its disappearance being the word Croatoan carved into the side of a craggy cliff. Lastly, the Demon Marquis Amon washed up on the shore, dead. It's obvious that something all too wrong is going on.

As a character in the game you can pick from three races, one of which defaults your profession. Humans are the regular D20 Modern default. Nephilim (which I have nerfed for the game purposes) are half Angel, half Human hybrids. They take a negative two (-2) to their CON score but a plus two (+2) to CHA. This is because the Angelic and Human blood don't mix all that well. One last thing, Nephilim wouldn't know they were Nephilim and they generally have some minor birth defect, probably surgically fixed before they grew up. The last race is the Vampires, which work differently and while they take a (-4) to their CON score, they get a +2 to STR. Someone must have a CHA of at least 14 and a STR of at least 16 (after modifiers are applied) to pick Vampire as a class. On top of that they have a code of conduct I will go over later.

The game is set in the present day real world, in Houston, TX. We're not all familiar with it, but its okay if we improvise. And we might move cities from time to time.

Overview: This might be a long term game that takes players from the starting city to other locations around the world. I do understand that not everyone can be on everyday, let me know if you have to leave for an extended time and we can work something out. The game is not heavy combat, its mostly RPing, problem solving and other things of that nature, but there will be combat, based on the choices that the characters make.

Character Creation
On the issue of Wealth, the system presented in the books is kind of weird, we're going to go ahead and say all characters have 150 Credits starting out to spend and treat the DC's like dice. Military Vehicles and other specialized Vehicles and Weapons are off limits, even if you are in the military, you're not in a setting you would have them (unless you steal one later in the game).

Available Starting Occupations
Law Enforcement (many of the NPCs are FBI)
Religious (some NPCs are here)
Emergency Services
Blue Collar
White Collar
Academic (in case you're an archeologist who discovered this)

Stat Generation is done through a 32 point by, or 4d6 rolls. The rolls must be done in a thread I will provide.

Applications MUST include the following:
Religion: real world ones, please.
Background: (get detailed for me)
Allegiances: (run these past me)

Final Comment: This is actually a game based on something I am writing, so many of the characters you are encountering are the actual ones from the story, which is fun to me because I get to act as all my characters. I am just hoping that this can be a fun experience for all involved.

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