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Hello, and welcome to this advert thread. I am DaDude, what can I do you for? This will be my first time DMing, but I assure you all that I will do my best to keep things going. I will keep posting from my side at least once per day and at least one major post every 2 days; with exception on combat, which should hopefully go faster. This game will use the Olympian pantheon of deities from Greek mythology. In addition, the players themselves will be sons or daughters of an Olympian, making them a half-blood. This game will be (so very) loosely based off the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series by Rick Riordan.

Master of the Game
I'll be DMing the game, as previously mentioned. However, if you're interested in possibly co-DMing or maybe even just come up with or experimenting with ideas, let me know.

Game Premise
Panic quakes upon Mount Olympia, Metis, the Oceanid-God of wisdom and mother of Athena, has somehow managed to escape the steel-caged belly of Zeus. Gods and men alike search the world in a desperate attempt to delay destiny further, as it has already been prophesized by the earth and heavens themselves that the next son of Metis would be of overbearing spirit, and overthrow Zeus, becoming the new King of Gods. Upon learning this, Zeus had turned Metis into a fly, and swallowed her whole. Somehow, however, she has escaped.

Now, the gods and their followers search for Metis, to prevent the birth. Hermes, sprinting down every road and path known; Athena, using her great wisdom to think of the most clever places Metis might hide, yet failing; Artemis ia hunting the world for but a single track of the Oceanid, but is finding none; Poseidon, scouring all the deeps of the sea, has also not found a trace; Even Hades, who often opposes Zeus, has been floating throughout every shadow, knowing that the fall of his brother bodes ill for all the gods of the Olympian generation, not just Zeus.

But where the wisdom and speed of the gods may fail, they put faith in their followers, and mortal children especially, to join the seemingly futile search. This is where you come in, you have been dispatched into a group of peers, cousins, second cousins, (or maybe even a non-relative that regardless wishes to aide the search) or other extended family, to find Metis or anything to do with her whereabouts. Your group is of a top-drawer conglomeration, most of you probably having previous combat experience or the likes.

Please put all applications, once they are complete, in the character application thread found here (Lets ignore how long it took for me to put this link up. :D), this thread is for discussing the applications, "Can I haz Pun-Pun?" "No." "Can I this weird non-WOTC class?" "Maybe." and such. Applications will be chosen after about the first two weeks or until they die down. If you are really interested in playing, but don't get an application in time (like if you only see this thread a couple days before I close it) and I close the thread, you can PM to continue discussing the application, and submit it when it is finished as normal, if someone drops out after the game starts, I'll inform you and we can work your character in. Four to five players will be accepted. Please format applications as such, or in a similar manner as:

Name: Bob
Race/Class: Human Fighter 11
Deity parent: Zeus

Of course you'll want a meatier application than Bob's though. Although he likes turtles, this is not enough to get him into the campaign, regardless of how awesome turtles are.

Character Creation
As far as approved sources go, there is a good gamble I have whatever book you're wondering whether or not I have. I have various non-WOTC, 3.0 that still works with 3.5 for the most part, and I think I might have a couple Dragon Magazine issues somewhere. Include the book out of which any non-core feat, weapon, etc. is from in your character sheet should you make one, after being accepted we can review and go over them as necessary. Ask about races and templates here of course since you would need to know before going to the effort of making a character.

Start level is ECL 11. 70k starting gold. Character's will have a gestalt progression, one side will reflect your divine lineage from whichever divine parent you have. Should your character be 100% mortal, you will get to choose the progression of both freely.

Choice of divine parentage are as follows:
None! You can also choose to be entirely mortal, hey, if Orpheus the BARD can go do it, so can you… or die horrifically while trying at least.
Hades Technically not an Olympian, but he's here for completeness. He was also generally seen as infertile, but if you've got a good backstory and character for it then go ahead.
Hera She's the Goddess of marriage, you can't expect her to be having affairs with mortals when she's married to Zeus.
Hestia At this point in time she has already stepped off her thrown so Dionysus could become an Olympian.

Put all ability scores to 8, then add
This is a roll I want to see.
1d8+18 points anywhere you want. EDIT: You can use a 28 point-buy if you REALLY want to, but it makes me cry inside. *sniff*
All increasements cost 1 point, no matter what its current score is. Ex: 8 to 9 costs 1 point. 17 to 18 costs 1 point.

I know what you're thinking, way to complex right? "Why did you have to invent another ability score method?" Because this one is especially designed to:
1. Encourages a character to min/max and specialize, filling a niche in the party. (Door buster, charismatic face, tight-rope walker, etc.)
2. Retain there being chance involved, while not dooming the stats to only mediocre scores or only single high score on a DAD class.

If you even the points out among all stats, you will have a 22.5(average) point build equivalent.
If you min/max your build, you will have a 34.5(average) point build equivalent.

Is that everything? I think so? I hope so? Okay cool.

Reviewed applications:
Okay, the results are in! The winners to the all-expenses-paid vacation to the God of Men D&D 3.5e game are... *ques applause*
Proven Paradox
Winner 1 For astounding fluff, and being creative.
Winner 2 For also making excellent fluff, and being creative.
Winner 3 For an all-around nice application. Even if it does include a hamster >.>
Winner 4 Much like Captain Jack Sparrow, he has harnessed the power of Sea Turtles.
Winner 5 For having the best fluff, character design, and being the most creative. Everyone give him a round of applause. :D

THE LAST WINNER IS... *second drumroll please*
Winner 5 and a half

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