Our Place in the Realm: a Forgotten Realms Campaign

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One moment you understood your world, the next things are ... different.

Perhaps you wondered a little too far out of the path, and strange mists changed the world around you. Maybe you stumbled into a strange swirling portal fighting a rust monster. Perhaps you were hit by a strange spell by the mighty wizard you were battling. What you do know is until just a moment ago, it was 1342 DR, and now it's not. Now you've been told it is 1479, over a hundred years later.

And things are very different.

Now you are alone, in a strange place you once knew as home, and you have to again find a place for yourself in the Realm.


A Place in the Realm is my first attempt at Forgotten Realms 4th Edition play. Here's the requirements for play:

  • Any race or class from any current WotC 4th Edition source -- PHB 1 and 2, DDI, FR, Eberron, except Revenant.
  • 2nd Level characters, with one 2nd or 3rd level magic item.
  • You non-magical weapon are free, you must pay for Armor and basic equipment, and you have 600 gp to purchase items.
  • You do not have to come up with a expansive background -- let the game create your background for you.
  • You must be able to post at least once per day

Aside from that, and active imagination and willingness to give this a try is all I ask. Questions, please ask.

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