A War By Any Other Name

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GM: Martenzo and RavingDork

The Mandalorians have made several attacks on Outer-Rim planets, in an effort to provoke the Republic to war. Many of the officers within the Republic navy realize that war is inevitable. The Senate, however, seems to disagree and desperately tries to avoid open war. Rear Admiral Tavir decides to ignore orders and covertly takes action against the Mandalorian forces. Through his contacts, Tavir hires mercenaries and gathers volunteers to be sent on top secret missions inside Mandalorian space.

And through these machinations, quite many people on Dantooine recieved an odd invitation.

You have been invited to a meeting at the North Garden Cantina. If you wish to serve the Republic, then come. If you want to earn some glory along the road, then come. If neither of those is enough, then a fair amount of credits can be thrown into the deal as well. The meeting takes place at midnight between the fifth and the sixth. Should you choose to accept the offer given there, you'll have to leave immediately after the meeting is over, so bring your guns and armor with you.

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