Malice City

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Game Information
  • Created Jul 10 '09
  • Last Post Sep 19 '09 at 6:23pm
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

The loud static from the TV across the room rouses you from your unconscious state. You awaken in a cold empty room minus the TV. You're not sure how its powered as it lacks a plug or any obvious power source. The walls are bare metal and the room is void of any windows. A single poorly illuminating bulb sways overhead. The last thing you remember was going to sleep in your own bed. The sleep had been deep and restful. You can feel a strange throbbing in the back of your head though as your vision slowly adjusts with the lighting. You also notice you are wearing a watch that isnt yours. It seems fused around your wrist as you twist at it for a few moments. Suddenly the TV would click and the outline of a person seems to be slightly visible through the static. The voice is distorted and mechanical.

"Welcome to Malice City. I'm sure you are a bit confused. I apologize for that. However the reasons for your selection are rather irrelevant. What you need to understand is the simple first rule. Survive. Because if you are the last one standing you will be able to receive your freedom along with a very special parting gift. There are several others in the city with you. You will be able to communicate with them via the watch provided. However I must advise you... There can be only one winner. So while banding together may prove beneficial against my other creations roaming the city, in order to leave, the others have to die. Scattered through the city will be various food, medical supplies, weapons and vehicles if you so choose. Keep in mind though while it is impossible to leave my little home, if you do get any strange ideas on the matter, that bump on the back of your head houses a remote device that I can trigger at any time. Having your head blown off will not help in your chances of winning the game. I'll be keeping in touch. Don't disappoint me, I'm rooting for you. "

The TV would crackle and shut off as one of the metal slabs in the wall would slide open and reveal a dim lit hallway to the outside.

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