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  • Created Jul 10 '09
  • Last Post Sep 24 '10 at 2:27am
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

Game Description

Setting up a single ship game. Every player is on the same ship. Number of players increases the size of the ship. Crew positions and passenger positions are available. Crew position would be Captain, Navigator, Pilot, gunner, Medic, Engineer, misc. Passengers can be anything.

GURPS 4th edition info. 150 points -75 points in disadvantages, and -5 points in quirks. When applying for a position please remember certain skills are needed for that position.

Captain does not have to have leadership but it helps.
Navigator needs navigation of space or hyperspace.
Pilot needs piloting
Gunner needs some skill in gunnery energy and missiles. one or the other can help but that means someone else needs the other.
Medic needs skill in first aid(your race) and in one or more other races.
Engineer needs skill in fixing hyper-drives, and engines.

This does not disallow multi-positions.

Races are open and general. Most races listed are acceptable, just give me a heads up before you throw it in. A few races, mainly the evil ones are low on acceptability. A race with a dark history might be shot by a prospective employer, not hired.

Tech level is set to 10. Higher techs are not available, lower are.

Background. (depending on players as well)

The Earth has met many alien races, but they are not very forth coming with information on the other side of them. The government is interested in finding out why. Scout ships are going to be dispatched. Several of the Aliens are excited about trading with the Earth. Scientist are postulating that there is older races hidden among the stars.

Which path interests you?

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