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Level 7

Stats: 7m4d6r1v1 (Reroll anything below a 10)
-Yes this is seven stats, it is NOT a mistype.
-The lowest of the seven stats will go into Luck.

HP: 1st lvl = Con score + HD (No con mod) ***CHANGED***
2nd - 7th = Roll HD: 50% of HD or roll, whichever is higher.

Sources: Go wild. I'm not restricting anything.
-Races: I am allowing LA buyoff, any race is acceptable with approval. Please keep races on what is considered the neutral to good alignment axis. Tieflings, devils, half-fiends, orcs, ogres, etc are all going to be tough to pull off in the setting.
-Classes: Please state book reference with your class.

Restrictions: No Evil Alignments.
Character is in the military: Include this in your backround.


Application Process
Race: (Race and book/page it comes from)
Class: (Class and book/page it comes from)
Military Career: (What do you want your 'job' to be in the military)
Short Backround:

Just for flavor, I'd like also a querk for each character. Something that they just 'do'. Like addictions/habbits/tendancies ect.
Also include your characters greatest fear.

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