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Who is your DM?
Hiya peoples. I'm Fluffles. The last two games I tried to run failed. But I'm a stubborn little prick and will keep trying till I get good at DMing.

The Game Setting
There are two sides to this campaign, one is a party of 4 trying to kill the

Big Bad Evil Guy/Gal
BBEG who has harassing a city, the other is the BBEG who has to kill the Adventuring party that is trying to break into his lair and kill him.

Character Creation

With MAYBE one exception. But it will be a secret evil person, who would be hiding his evilness. If you ask and get refused, that does not mean I picked one already, or at all. It just means I don't think you cover is good enough. But there are no guarantees that I will even pick one in the first place.
No Evil alignments.

Ability scores will be 4d6r1r2v1 Don't want any wussies in the party.

Dice roll thread.

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