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  • Created Jul 15 '09
  • Last Post Aug 27 '09 at 12:19am
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

New England is the home to some of the earliest colonies to settle in America. The thick forests and dark peaks of the north gradually descend into the quiet and brooding coastal towns. The stink of low-tide and the numbing bite of arctic winters are nothing compared to the vistas that lie tucked in the northeast corner of the US. Seasons change rapidly and bring with them new sights, smells, and other less savory things. All is not well here.
The people of New England are tight lipped and secretive to friends and even more suspicious of outsiders. There are skeletons in almost every closet and crack of even the tiniest homes, skeletons who would be willing and able to silence those who would reveal their deeds. These places hold families who were ancient before they came to the New World and they brought with them even older secrets. Horrible and terrible secrets that call this place home, from the northern reaches of Maine to the elaborate manors of southern Connecticut.
The bulk of New Englanders are not evil cultists and aren't even aware of the darkness biting at their heels. They are normal people with strange accents who go about their daily lives. This game is not about those people. Among the gothic cathedrals and labyrinthine woods are other creatures of darkness. They might be the guardians of this rich and ancient place or they might be the ones to call down the evils to scourge this place clean. If only there were enough time for them to find out.

That would be myself, Eggsalted.

I'd like this to be a Vampire:the Requiem, Werewolf:the Forsaken crossover. A few people have mentioned playing mortals. I'll allow wolf-blooded and ghouled humans only if I have at least 4 players of the corresponding supernatural creature. I'd be more than willing to run the game with either VtR or WtF if I don't have enough players wanting to play the other group. I'd like applications sent to me as PMs so that I can keep track of them easier. If you want to post them here as well, that's fine. Also, I'd like both groups to discuss character creation before hand. This is especially important for you werewolves what with deciding on if/how much you want to spend on your Totem. Ideally I'd like each group to be an established coterie/pack before we begin.

[Allowed Books]
I'm keeping this simple for my own sake. Core. That being the WoD core book, WtF core book, and VtR core book.

[Times and miscellany]
I'd like to start the game by July 31st. This doesn't mean that new players can't join, just that it's when I'd like to get the ball rolling. Also, I'm a dad full time and work nights so I'm not very active during the day so don't expect posts from me until early AM or late PM. On that subject I'd like everyone to be able to commit to at least 1 post every 3 days.
Also, while I am very familiar with the WoD system, I'm very new to PbP. You'll have to excuse my newbisms.

[Character Creation]
Standard, by the book character creation for beginning characters. I'll also need backgrounds explaining, at the very least, your merits. I'll also give a bonus xp each if you give your character a theme song and an avatar. I'll also be awarding xp for the 3 best backgrounds.

I think that's it. Thanks for your time and I hope to see you in game,

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