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You and your partner have long awaited this grand invitation to become a part of the most prestigious guild any adventurer could be a part of, "The Puzzle Hunters Guild." Even though the name seems odd, you know that only the best of the best ever get invited to become members. You and your partner hastily unroll the golden parchment and read it.

"Dear [insert your characters names here],
I would like to congratulate you on proving to be most heroic and surviving all the perils and evil that you may have faced. As you know, The Puzzle Hunters Guild only invites those who have proved themselves against the odds and that we only accept partners. The two of you have indeed done this and so we would like you both to come to our grand ball that we hold at the end of every month to accept your membership in our guild.

It is in the city of Harraz at the guild hall of course. You are not to bring guests as only guild members may walk into our sacred halls. Please dress in your finest as there may be some nobles there to congratulate you for your efforts in destroying evil. Last month we had Queen Ariana of the West Region come. There are tickets inside of the envelope with your names on it. You are to present it at the entrance, after which you will be announced properly.

In case you do not know what our guild stands for and does, I shall inform you. The Puzzle Hunters Guild accepts only highly dangerous and highly mysterious jobs from the public at our many consulting agencies. As a Puzzle Hunter member, your job is to find out (if not already known) what is going on and handle the situation accordingly. Our previous employs have done jobs such as destroy a great wyrm red dragon who had tried to take out every single creature within its mountain range and destroying a massive cult within the bowels of the city Wrin.

I shall see you at the grand ball.

Nervia Cornall, Head of The Puzzle Hunters Guild.

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