Hell Hath No Fury

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You hear shouts from outside the inn, and decide to investigate. You arrive to see the villagers gathered around a shadowed figure. Approaching the figure you can hear his words. "I am not making this up! You must believe me! I tell you I saw the Princess murder her father, the King! I worked at the accursed castle as a servant. I tell you the new Queen is not what she appears! Be wary, friends, for I fear she will be the cause of our destruction." The man's words affected you gravely, the princess? How could such a charismatic leader, and innocent girl murder her father in cold blood? Something pulled at your soul, you have to investigate...

The King, Lord Suurin, has been murdered by an assassin unknown. The deed was done less than a fortnight ago. Killed in his sleep with a dagger of dark origins. An unfortunate butler claims to have witnessed the beloved princess, Atryn, murder her father. The man was traveled the kingdom of Vorash spreading what he is convinced is the truth. He arrived in your town less than an hour ago, and began warning anyone he saw. Soon enough, a crowd had gathered, mocking him and calling him a liar. Most in town were under the opinion that the man was insane, some believed he was the assassin. You, however, know that something foul is afoot in Vorash, something that could well threaten the world itself. Will you step up and stop it?

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