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Amn is a nation under the golden thumb of a few obscenely rich and corrupt merchant houses. Each of these High Houses, whose leaders make up the ruling Council of Five, sponsors a number of smaller client houses. This second tier of houses is in a state of constant feud, each wanting a bigger piece of the pie and working to insinuate their members into advantageous positions. In theory, a highly successful independent house could claim a spot on the council and make it a ruling Council of Six, as it once was.

Into this setting, where anything goes, and little is considered illegal, immoral, or despicable, enter the stalwart band, proud members of the Adventurers Guild, or to those in the know, the Diogenes Society. Word has spread of the ruthless efficiency and competence of the Guild, putting the Guild and their members, in high demand.

A message was dispatched to the Guild from a small, but rising house, from Athkatla, the capital of Amn. Seems the head of the house, a half-elf by the name of Largent Ishkallan, has gotten in over his head and needs some expert assistance. Largent had received some reliable inside information of a hidden gold mine on the eastern coast of Chult. Not one to shirk some risk for such a momentous gain, he had depleted most of his treasury to fund a small colonization effort to reestablish the mine, and if all went as planned, to secure his rise to the Council of Six.

Such is the fate of most well laid plans, these too went astray. It has been several months since the ship left port. Plenty of time for a message to have returned with word from the colony, yet Largent has received nothing but silence. Fearing the worst Largent has emptied his coffers to secure the services of the Guild. The mission is to sail to the jungle continent of Chult to discover the fate of what he fears to be his ill-fated effort, and to salvage what can be saved.

Starting Point

Iím going to make this short and sweet:

Level 4 characters
Equipment: 5th, 4th, 3rd, and 680 gold to be spent how you see fit.

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