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In a small village near a mighty river, a steady flow of travelers feed the village with a constant replinishment of gold and various valuable items. Fertile land surround the village in scattered patches threwout the large forrest. Also of note is the small militia that Lord Kemaul has been diligently building. For reasons unknown other than his standing excuse for protection versus the local band of Jungle Giants not to mention the Cult of the Blood Root.

Adventurers from all around come to join the ranks of Lord Kemaul, with promise of fame and fortune they compete for a spot in the Lords favor. Other adventurers come for the extra amount of work that is brought about by the excessive amount of travelers. For some people do not want to be involved with the Lord and the taxes that brings.

In the local pubs and lodges bards tell many tales and rumors of many different dangers and hidden treasures. Stories of the local temples created by the cults in the local jungles tell of exotic treasures and Items like no other has seen. Other tales tell of a band of minotaurs who have taken refuge in the jungles around the Village. The Cult of the Blood Root are never far from the lips of those who live around these woods, with the constant threat of live sacrafices and brutal attacks on farmhouses around the area.

The Adventurers will be sent from the depths of the earth to the tops of the high elven palaces. The four of you will shape the course of the small villages future. Will it be bright or dark only they can decide. In some way they will impact this community and curve the lives of those around you.

You've all four been compeled here for reasons of your own. Now fate will put you together in this gritty and horrorfying thriller. Complete with cults, brutal unexpained deaths, and the constant threat of the undead for unknown reasons. work is a plentyfull here in the village and one doesn't have to look far for adventure. Good Luck!

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