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And with that, you awake...or perhaps that should be unwake?

Untold, or at least unremembered years ago, you fell prey to an undead lord, one of a cabal of such that inhabited/haunted a castle somewhere in south east Karrnath. Since that time you have been utterly enslaved, obeying every whim and will of your master. Guard this, fetch that, kill him, stand on that box and sing a Galifar war song.

That was till now.

Clearly, some rather terminal fate has befallen the cabal, for your minds are now your own. For some of the unslaved, the shock of free will, the realisation of what they are, is too much. Those insubstantial simply vaporise into nothing, whilst the more corporeal drop to the floor lifeless, or run screaming, gibbering, and utterly mad into the world beyond (wonder if anyone in the world beyond will notice?). But you are stronger willed than those, and you are able to keep a grasp on sanity.

For some their past life is an impenetrable fog, with naught but tantilising glimpses of what once was, for others it is a crystal clear but painful set of memories. Everyone remembers the night they fell, only to rise again. The time since enslavement is a fog to all, dimly remembered tasks carried out unfailingly.

For the first time in a long time, a group of long unused brains ponder...what now?

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