Pirates of the Savage Tide

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Betrayed by Vanthus, one of their own, the seafarers of the badly crippled Bloody Blade hang on as the decrepit ship limps along the waves. The crewmen have eluded Prince Aldric's forces and now seek to sail their ravaged vessel to Farshore, a tiny colony on a 25-square mile islet off the southern tip of the legendary Isle of Dread. The survivors know, however, they will be lucky to reach any shore.

Caught up by a sudden storm and the tide, the tattered 'Blade is driven toward a narrow strip of beach along a thick wall of jungle. Through the driving rain, the primeval vista looms larger and larger to the survivors, periodically lit by flashes of lightning. Suddenly, the ship lurches again, throwing everyone to the deck. The ship tilts crazily to the side, lurches one last time, and rolls. The cold dark sea rushes up to meet you, and in a cacophonous roar of wave and ruin, all goes dark...

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