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Those were the times, weren't they? Long ago when you launched yourself headfirst into that red dragon in order to see the look on his face when he realized you had an Ice Storm spell ready and waiting to shoot into his mouth? How about that time that your idiot companion was down to his last legs and you had to heal the sorry sod because he couldn't move and swing at the same time?

Ah... those were the glory days...

And now you're sitting here in this damn chest in the middle of this dungeon, waiting to be rediscovered for some action. You have been bored out of your mind and possibly... All-Father forbid, gathering rust and cobwebs.

You are the Holy Avenger... The Nine-Lives Stealer... The Shatterspike and the Sylvan Scimitar. You are the 1% of magic items which have a life of your own, and some blithering idiot just picked you up, not even knowing how to hold you properly!


Legend has it there was a Master Artificer called Soliani, also known as "The Man of 1,000 Blades". He was a peculiar man, as he referred to all of his blades as his "children", desiring to marry them off to fine warriors who would journey with them for the rest of their existence. Nobody knows why he "sired" his children. Many believe he was one of the Walking Saints who had a divine purpose to create those weapons. Sadly, some of those weapons ended up in the hands of evil, warping their original intent. Some of these weapons have been passed down for centuries and in the hands of kings, while many of the others have been lost to the test of time, alone for decades... some centuries. Nobody knows what happened to Soliani as he offered his final blade, the Millenia, to the Golden King, Yevlasladius in his floating fortress above the world.

In the days of peace on the Western Continent of Tzarn, the kingdom of Sirod celebrates the National Day of Nonsense. A holiday to celebrate the memory of St. Cyrus Shennannigans... a buffoon actor turned hero. It is the busiest day of the year with insane pranks as well as the giving trivial nonsense gifts like paper flowers, or paper finger traps. It is said that his Guardian Angel, the Creeper King, sometimes drops in on the festivities to make merry with the revelers, but he has not been seen in almost twenty years. In the holding of the Chapel of St. Cyrus, the home of the Returners... an "Anti Thieves Guild", who takes back important items which have been stolen, a bunch of important items have been stored.

Including you... one of the 1,000 Blades.

Someone is about to crash the party... and in the haste to find a weapon to stop that party-crasher, some idiot picks you up and awakens you.

Will you and your new wielder become the life of the party? ... Or will you join in on the fun of the party crashers? You're much smarter and more powerful than they are, so you can shape their destiny as you desire.

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