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A normal day in Sigil, with the throngs of people milling about above and around. Well, a normal day it was until a silvery humanoid skull came bouncing up to you, chattering away. " 'Ello Bob! How're ye today? Good? Bad? Nose Itchy? Well, it's not important, nosirry. You see, I have been given a special task to bring you to His Lord Krainen. It seems he has noticed your, ah, special talents and has a use for them. Highly profitable, indeed! My lord has promised to pay you a grand sum of 20,000 gold - trade weight, of course. Come on my chap! I know you don't have anything else to do, My lord saw to that earlier, you know. Come along, come along."

Lord Krainen - the name is familiar to even the most clueless sod, and you can hardly be counted among that lot, no. His name is whispered reverently as the curer of many ills in the Hive and Lower Ward, as well as being both a fair and shrewd merchant. He is said to hire mercenaries of a like mind or unusual skill set to do various jobs for him on various planes. It could be interesting, and in any event, 20 thousand gold is 20 thousand gold - and it's damn certain to be trade-weight!
This will be a planes walking campaign where you are serving as glorified errand boys(and girls ;)) for an eccentric noble. You need not worry about transit(much), but the idea that not all planes are friendlily spots of sunshine should flit about your head at some point. I will be taking up to eight characters chosen two weeks from now.

What I need:Name, race, class.
Personality, Mentality and Appearance
Faction: not necessary, but allowable. No member of the Doomguard, Bleak Cabal, Mercykillers, or Xiaosects. Factions will give in crunch effects as well as story-flavor.

Various Notes:ECL: 10
Stats: 32 point-buy or 5d6 take highest 3, roll 6 times. Roll first, then if you don't like it you can use point-buy
LA buy-off is allowed.
Traits/flaws: allowed, but tentatively. Run them buy me first.
Books: All WoTC and Mongoose Power classes. Ask about anything home brew.
Alignment: good or neutral leaning towards good.

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