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You were just minding your own business as you always do during the day. But, at noon something happened. Whether you were sitting down to begin eating lunch, skipping it to continue working, or taking the day off to lay in bed, you suddenly find you are no longer in your calm, well known environs.

There had been a great flash of light and a growing sensation of floating that lasted for a little less than ten seconds. now, you are lying on your back in the grass, staring bewildered up at the sky. It had been the middles of summer, but the trees you look at now were ready for autumn to take their leaves off.

As you look around you can see others like yourself - confused, surprised, and sometimes frightened. But one is different. She's garbed like a priestess from the middle ages, and she's lying unconcious on the grass not far from you. immediately, your gut tells you she will have the answers.

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