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The Last War may have ended but for a brave few souls the battle for the future of Eberron has just begun. At the vanguard of this secret war is the Hidden Aegis, a secretive group of heroic individuals who work behind the scenes to ensure that all of Khorvaire remains safe from the growing evil that is spreading across Eberron. Formed in 995 YK by a small group of dedicated and extraordinary individuals, the Hidden Aegis has foiled dozens of evil schemes and plots without ever being noticed. They work in secret, hiding their heroic deeds with skill and magic, protecting a world that doesn't even know they exist. Now you count yourself among their number, walking the shadows of the world to spread the light of hope to those who need it most.

The Hidden Aegis is a world-spanning Eberron game for Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition. You play as a member of the organization known as the Hidden Aegis, a group of heroic individuals who work secretly to keep Eberron safe from both mundane and extraplanar threats. As a newly recruited member you will be sent on missions to recover dangerous artifacts, foil the plots of evil organizations, and even travel to the planes to stop invasions and threats before they can ever reach Khorvaire. Do you have what it takes to ensure the safety of a public that doesn't even know you exist?

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