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  • Created Aug 17 '09
  • Last Post Aug 26 '09 at 2:00am
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

Pathfinder Scenarios
Season 0
Paizo Publishing
GM: SValimont
Players Requested: 6
Starting Level: 1
20 Point Abilty Buy
Tier: 1-2;5-6 depending on amount of players
Starting Gold: Per Offical Core

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

Wanted to gauge interest in a series of short adventures that link together within a larger story arc, involving you as the player. The plot will be short adventures that are possible to complete within the time frame of the play by post. We all know how long one can wait, or for that matter dedicate themselves to a story that sometimes does not finish. Ive been victim to it and on some occassion RL happens. With the help of Paizo, Pathfinder and a few dedicated gamers, I think we can bridge the gap and complete tangeable results in adventures, the workings of our characters, learning about the over all plot and developing short or longstanding relationships with NPCs and others. These short adventures are designed to give you a quick and immediate result by describing an adventure that could be completed while earning respect, gold and experience.

Looking to fill various character classes and races for a total of six characters. I can take on more ,but at this time I feel its necessary to cover all the bases. thegame is low level with the potential to reach high expectational levels for the characters. I will be running them as released in numeric fashion. These were originally designed for quick table-top role play. At first level we can get a sense of the grittness and realism of a fight where HP counts and that +1 guidance spell from your Cleric can make all the difference in the world. Recently as most of you are aware of, is that Paizo has released its Core rulebook. I will be purchasing a digital download this week and will read the changes from the beta. I have the Campaign Setting and will be refering to the book for descriptions.

I tend to work in the morning EST and am usually off by 4-5pm. I have a few functions during the week, but other than that my life revolves around posting. I'am an avid fan looking to expand my imaginiation and help write a beautiful overall plot while sticking to short adventures. I would like to see one representative of each class.

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