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This is a game of D&D 4th Edition that takes place in my Spirits of Eden campaign setting. The adventure begins in a village in Emderuer beset with some spiritual concerns and depending on a number of choices can take the players quite far indeed. Here are some specifics:

The Aforementioned Specifics•5th Level
•4 player maximum
•Not looking for specific roles
•Standard Array, but you can shave off 2 points from the 12 or 10 (but not both) to add to any other stat on a 1 for 1 basis (as opposed to usual PB costs.)
•Important: PH1 + Eden only. No Dragon magazine. No Anything Power. No PH23.

Starting equipment as normal, but with 200 extra gold for stuff. Adventurer's Vault items are not allowed on char gen, but can be sought after for purchase and I might drop some as treasure. If anyone buys me AV2 well heck, we'll use that too!

No character builder files. Give me an MW sheet. Preferably with a character pic.

Just Another FieldsetYou can find the Eden Player's Guide here.

Of note is the Might of Eden section. I want to see stuff from there played.

The DM's Choice section is off-limits to players right now. That's my DM choice. No need to even read it.

Sign-ups will last until I get what I want, because I know it will take time to get players, but not how much. Any deadline would be unreasonable.

The game will begin hopefully immediately after I get what I want.

This means that you will hopefully have a character sheet done sooner rather than later. Here's the sign-up sheet.

The Primer FieldsetHere is a primer. This is meant to wet your appetite about the setting. If you want all the information there is, you'll have to read the Player's Guide on the site. That is enough – the Story Guide is for DM's, though if you've got the time by all means read it, but don't let it keep you from creating a character.

This is to help you figure out if you want to take the time to do so, and whether you'll enjoy it.

One Fieldset For The RoadI'll take questions, but I'll answer one for myself:

Q. Can I take one little thing from Dragon, or play a Warforged, or–?

A: Nope.

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