The Closing Dark: Restoration of Kentvasser

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Hello and welcome to my first attempt at DMing in Pbp, I hope you enjoy what I have planned.

It's been years since the nearby Stronghold was Cleansed by the Riders, but you remember it clearly as the end of your home town's prosperity. For as long as you can recall before that, The Dark One lived at the stronghold, and they sent their servants here to procure goods from the town, often sending some to assist with the harvest, making life easier. Occasionally, some like the Riders would arrive and they would gladly overpay for torches and the like, the inn made good money when they came, and the farmers appreciated the help when their bodies came out of the swamps, always followed by a shorter robed man who ensured they kept on their menial tasks properly. When the Riders came, the town did the same thing we always did, ripped them off and sent them up the road, their purses lighter than when they entered, those like me who were young at the time watched in wonder as they rode up the road with their shining blades wondering why they always came with empty carts. When they returned, the village elders were shocked to see them return, looking tired, battered, and bruised, their carts loaded with a variety of loot from the stronghold, with the exception of one, which was loaded with a single, glowing crate that none of the riders wished to go near though occasionally the priestly one would glance nervously at it, as would the unarmored, bookish looking man riding near the man in shining armor. As they rode out of town, the end of an era was upon us, no more business came from the temple, our fathers toiled harder in the fields, their easy labor taken with the Dark One's removal, and to make matters worse, eventually vile little greenskins came out of the mountains and moved into the stronghold, forcing us to defend against raiders in order to make our meager living off the soil.
Things were better when the dark ones were around...

Restoration of Kentvasser is a semi evil campaign set in a world of my own creation. I plan on playing this slightly light, since I think humor and drama can go hand in hand.

Here are the guidelines for character creation:
Characters are 1st level
Characters are Non-good
Your age is the minimum for your class/race, you are young people of this village setting out into the world to try to restore normalcy to your corner of the realms, in your own misguided way
there will be NO LA allowed to start, however there may be opportunities later to acquire templates or the like
your stats will be rolled via 6m4d6v1r1 you will have 1 reroll as well, but if you use it you must take it.
starting gold will be as written, however you will get a 25% discount from the book in town for any purchases

here's what I want to see for an application:
Character's name/class/race: Who are you?
Character's Description:What do you look like?
Charecter's personality:How do you behave?
Who are you as a player?: a little bit about yourself and your expectations/hopes/dreams

A word of warning, I will be limited a bit but I hope to have a post rate around 3-4 days out of the week, so this may be a slightly slow campaign but I will try my best to ensure a good game.

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