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The year is 1301, survival for the common man is still hard but some find themselves in a position were they might make more of themselves...

Lets get right on to business:
there is no magic
You start in northern Italy.
3-4 players
you can come from all over europe (or anything logical) I encourage some diversity.
feel free to use variant classes.
You start at LEVEL 1

Historical accuracy: enough. Major events that really happened will happen and if you kill historical characters things will happen quite differently. otherwise, we just try to have fun.

race allowed: HUMAN.

STATS: 4d6v1 (roll four dice, discard lowest. six times)

allowed classes are:
fighter (professional soldier, knight etc)
ranger (without magic and severely limited favored enemy)
warrior (militiamen, hooligans)
-if you find any other base classes without spells and/or magic special abilities you may use them-

We do not use skill caps or cross class skills. you start with a extra 10 skillpoints for creative use and a bonus feat somehow linked to your class. Languages cost only 2 skillpoints. you should all speak Italian.

Alignment: we do not use alignment. medieval europe was crappy like that. I expect you to do some things that in regular D&D would be considered quite evil.

You start with 100gold to buy equipment. any gold that is not spent is DISCARDED.
you will be given money when the game start
don't expect to get rich easily. things are expensive and you will earn mostly copper and silver. you might have to be creative to gain some wealth.

these are the diplomacy rules we run by

if you are a noble you should write abit about how you ended up impoverished.

What I need:

How/why you ended up as an "adventurer":


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