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You are a vagabond with a few dirty secrets hidden from each other. This is a dark world you live in, where most people are concerned with their survival, and not much else. But your secret has back to haunt you...or is it to save you? For the world was not always like this...

They call it the Golden Age of Heroes. Demigods were a drachma a dozen, gods walked the land, directly influencing the lesser races, and every adventurer was some sort of hero in the end. Or at least, that multitude of beings that lived long enough for their stories to reach you today, from the strings of minstrels and the pens of poets. Back then, the wandering bladesman, the archer of the wild and the devout templar were figures larger than life. They were legends.

And you, you bear a blade of legend. Or maybe it is a ring? A staff, perhaps? And no, you're no fool as to tell anyone you can't trust, and this bunch of fellows you'd just met a couple of odd jobs ago certainly count as untrustworthy. Out of nowhere, the legend desires its return, and you are brought inexplicably to that Golden time. Now you have got what you had always dreamed of: Your chance to become a hero!

IF you live.

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