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As long as there has been souls good and evil has existed. Vengeance, greed, power, along with other emotions have pushed beings to acts of cruelty and deprivation of legendary lengths. Along the way evil perpetuates itself in a myriad of forms. Each form wanting nothing more than souls to use in their perverse plans.

Yet they are opposed by the forces of good. The souls whom see past the illusions evil weaves. They fight for vengeance, honor, glory, wealth, or any number of unnamed reasons, yet they all fight a battle to save others from eternal damnation and pain. It is due to these few that the light still shines bright in the face of darkness.

Power and influence swings like a pendulum. Each side could only hope to stop the other side from gaining power. Evil though had the advantage in the fight. After all it was much easier to win through evil means. Yet victory for evil subjects usually came at a high price, their souls. The time has come for a new set of warriors to take their place among the warriors of good. To leave their mark in the world fighting against that which seeks to corrupt the world.

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