Supernatural: Apocrypha

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  • Created Sep 3 '09
  • Last Post Nov 17 '09 at 9:02pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

Title: Supernatural: Apocrypha

System: D6 System

Setting: Real World Variant

Accepting Players Now

Description: Welcome to the Supernatural: Apocrypha Role Play! This is a game based on the hit Supernatural Television series.

The Premise
You're a hunter who received a mysterious tip telling you to come to the secluded mountain town of Charon, Colorado and meet an informant at the Warthog Pub. The town seems normal and everything seems under control but you've got a bad feeling. Something you saw when you entered the bar has you irked. The word Croatoan carved scraped into the metallic stoplight pole.

The idea here is to emulate the world from the show and comics while having fun. There will be an ephasis on Role Playing Investigative Skills and character interaction and participation.

The rolls will all be handled by me and the result will be posted. At the same time the character creation will be completely in your hand, you assign the dice and skills and I just hold the sheets in a special thread where only you and I can read them. (this will be explained in the character creation)

What I am looking for? four plays with moderately extensive backgrounds who can post on a regular basis who like to RPing as well as combat and problem solving.

Character Template
Physical Appearance:
(archetypes and other descriptions are welcome)

From these things players will be judged and four will be selected. Teaming up with someone and linking back stories helps your chances of being picked

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