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This game will be set during the Second Galactic Civil War, a time of unrest 40 years after the battle of Yavin. If you are not familiar with the happenings of that time period feel free to read up on it on Wookieepedia. Not much in-depth knowledge of the era is necessary since most of the game will happen within the same system, the galactic events will act only as the background to the game itself.

Wookieepedia: The Second Galactic Civil War


A few weeks ago the Second Corellian Crisis became the Second Galatic Civil War when the Confederation was created from the five worlds in the Corellian system and various other worlds that decided they did no longer want to be a part of the Galactic Alliance. For some time afterward things seemed to have come to a halt while both sides pondered the stalemate and prepared for war.

But as events tend to proceed the war did not rest for long and recently battles erupted all over the galaxy when more and more planets left the Galactic Alliance to join the Confederation. First small raids took place and soon after large-scale battles begun to ravage the face of the galaxy once more.

You are members of the Galactic Alliance special forces unit known as 967 Commando, part of the Galactic Alliance Guard which had been formed to battle Corellian terrorists and other threats to Coruscant's peace, but now, with an all-out war on the loose you find yourself in the front lines, fighting in a war against people who were respected citizens of the Galactic Alliance weeks ago.

It might not be a war you want to fight, but it is a war that has to be fought.

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