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Those at the Diogenes Society headquarters had been looking forward to a little time off - with good friends, good food, and many of the luxuries of life surrounding them, what could be better? But rather quickly, the latter two had been getting a bit scarce. A resupplying caravan had been due at the HQ a few weeks ago, but it never showed up. Scouts were sent out to find the whereabouts of the missing supplies, but the scouts hadn't returned either. And so a select few members of the Society itself ventured forth into the dense forests to the east, trying to determine just what was going on.

After a few days travel with no leads whatsoever, the group comes to a small gnomish town. When they arrive, it seems as though the entire population is gathered in a street directly off of the main square. The adventurers stride through the crowd, trying to determine the source of the commotion. A young couple stand outside an open hatchway into the ground, grasping some of the most decrepit weapons you have ever seen. The male gnome's short sword is literally flaking rust as he prepares to enter the tunnel. Stopping them from entering, you discover that apparently some bandits had come riding into town leading a group of wagons a few hours ago. They left the wagons on the outskirts of the settlement and came running through the streets, gathering whatever goods they could grab before rushing into these poor gnomes' dwelling, forcing them out and taking their gnomish daughter captive. As the gnomes tell this story, you can indeed hear a faint wailing emanating from the hatch at your feet.

Members of the Diogenes Society could never allow such an atrocity to go unfixed - a young girl's life is at stake! Besides, the description of the thieves' wagons sounds quite familiar to the brave adventurers. But before that business can be taken care of, a rescue must be undertaken!

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