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Man has always feared the shadows and the night. Where the daylight fails, the mind wanders... to specters, lost souls, and creatures which haunt the darkness just shy of the dying day. Many dismiss such notions as fanciful thought, superstition, or madness.

But a select few have stared into the Abyss, and seen what stares back. They have girded themselves for battle against these evils, and have dedicated their lives to its eradication. These men and women are known as Hunters.

Throughout the centuries, their means and ends have evolved - swords and crossbows have been replaced by shotguns loaded with rocksalt and wrought-iron rounds; long nights spent delving into forbidden grimoires have become late-night, bleary-eyed Internet searches. But though the times have changed, the Hunters' code has not: Pursue all Evil, unto its End.

The Hunters are a strange brotherhood, but a Brotherhood all the same. Some hunt for justice, others for truth... and some unfortunate few, for vengeance against the wicked things which robbed them of their old lives and loved ones. But though their reasons differ, one thing remains: They are devoted to their cause, and stand side-by-side one another in their battle against the wicked of the night.

These are their stories.

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