The Deepening Dark

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  • Created Oct 2 '09
  • Last Post Feb 13 '10 at 6:41am
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Modern

Game Description

You were on your way home from work, another day where you earned another lousy dollar to pay the bills. The same people were driving the same cars or waiting for the same bus as they did the days before and would continue to use in the days following. Life is a predictable, dull process of the same old shtick.

But tonight is different. As you move to put the keys in your vehicle, something moves at the corner of your sight. You turn to see what it is, but nothing is readily apparant. Figuring it's nothing, you turn back to your vehicle. The loud mewl of an alley cat catches your attention for a moment, but that's a familiar sound in a city covered with strays. It's the next sound that freezes the blood in your veins... the wet sound of something cracking. You turn towards the alley the cat sounded from, your every nerve telling you to get out, go home, and your feet disobeying, some curiosity spurning you forward. You turn the corner, your eyes adjust to the darkness... but what you see... it can't be real...

This is a d20 Modern game with a heavy emphasis on suspense and roleplaying. In the beginning, the city you start in will be like any other you could walk into at any time; New York, Chicago, L.A., you get the idea. But everyone can feel something threatening just over the horizon. Fear is as common as breath, and soon, your characters will fall into a world they didn't know existed... or maybe, they're just crazy...

Character Creation: Everyone will be starting at 1 level, and please only use the Core Rulebook. I will allow one item from the Weapons Locker, if your character can afford it, and only handguns, for now. Abilities will be generated using the point-buy system, and every character will have 28 points to allot to their abilities.

I will be expecting that everyone will not only have a Starting Occupation, but also ranks in Profession. You don't need to be maxed out in the skill, but everyone's gotta work, after all. "Career criminals" are a bit iffy with me, but if you've fleshed the character out enough, or have an awesome roleplaying ability that's demonstrated in your writing, I may allow it.

For character information, I will be expecting a character sheet, a physical description, a brief summation of their personality, a background on their life before the game started, and their current occupation, as well as why they are in that job and how they feel about it.

Also, we will not be using Action Points, as I don't really like that part of d20 Modern. Instead, take your Wisdom score after creation, multiply it by 5, and then put that in the Action Points section. What will this mystery stat be used for, you ask? You will see... you will see...

Some Guidelines: This is just a group of hints of how to be accepted, or what I expect of the people I do accept into this game. Firstly, I am looking for people who can roleplay realistically and are well-written folk, due to the nature of the board. There will be no traditional roleplaying roles, such as healer, tank, etc. You will all be detectives, investigating what the hell is going on around you, each in your own ways. That having been said, I am willing to integrate some resources for your characters into the world around you, and if you come up with a character I think is interesting, before the game starts, I will PM you about things about your character to integrate into the world. For example, if your character is a Charismatic Hero who has a job at a car repair shop, not only will your shop and the tools therein be available to you, but you would probably have some mechanic friends, and maybe even someone who could get you into the stolen cars market. I will be accepting applications until I have a good 4 or 5 characters that I think will florish in this game.

My GM Style: I try to have equal parts action, suspense, storytelling and chaos. The chaos is a natural occurance in the world around you when stuff starts going haywire, and with the story I have planned, it WILL. Part of the reason I have the generic chaos is because I expect your characters to be SELF-MOTIVATED. I will put clues in front of you, but it is up to your characters to follow them. My last attempt with a horror-themed game with this element did not go so well, so I will have a Hint section in the game forum, just in case people are stuck. However, I will keep any and all hints I have to dole out to specific players in mind, and when it comes time to dish out the XP for progressing the story and/or after the battle, the player who needed the hint will take a small penalty. I hope this encourages thinking outside of the box.

Also, I will be handling your perceptions completely behind the curtain. If, out of parano- I mean, awareness, you wish to do a Spot, Search or Listen check voluntarily, by all means, you will be allowed that. However, if one is mandatory for the whole group (or just one player in particular), I will handle that behind the veil. That way, you only contend with what your characters see and hear, not with dice rolls cluttering up your perceptions. If you see something your comrades don't, it will be handled via the spooooky private texts.

One last thing, I expect every player who is accepted to post at MINIMUM once per day. If you've got a full day, and you're not sure if you can get here on time, and you have to have a really quick post that you'll look back on later and think it's crap, it's not, and at least you contributed something for that day. I'm not expecting people to be posting CONSTANTLY. Come on, I know we all have lives.

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