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A rag tag group of adventures exits a long lost tomb in the Giants Craw south east of Dagger dale. Randal Morn, leader of a group of freedom fighters dedicated to the over throw of the Zent occupation of Dagger Dale has successfully retrived the Sword of the Dales.

This magic blade is a regional icon said to be the long lost weapon of Erhtura Nogardnep an Elvin King who united the Dale Lands almost a thousand years ago shortly before the Great Elf wars that pitted elf against elf. Whoever possesses the weapon could use it to rally the all the Dales under one banner if but for a short time. Randal was thinking on this very subject as his band exited the tomb to discover a group of riders dressed in red and black. Most wore some form of studded leather armor except for one he was dressed in red and black robes and even mounted on his horse he carried his staff with pride.

The lead rider nudged his horse in the flanks and trots out a few yards he is dressed in chain mail a red and black tabard covers his armor the Symbol of the Zhentarim is displayed on his chest... Ē Randal, Randal, Randal, once more there is nothing that you can posses that I can not take from you.Ē He motions for two of his men to ride up and take the sword from the leader of the Freedom Fighters.

As the riders advance on the group Randalís company springs into action, the battle is quick and bloody. Three of Randalís men are dead or dieing and all but two of the Zents are dead, they escape by means of their pet magic user who casts some sort of teleport spell. Suddenly skeletons and zombies seem to rise up from the earth and attack the party. A sickly green beam of light hits Randal in the back seemingly killing him.

The fate of Randal Morn would have forever remained a mystery if not for a lone survivor who by the grace of the gods was able to make it to Shadowdale and the door of Elemenster sage of Shadowdale Lhaeo his scribe was the only one available to hear his story and act on the information.

Game Master

[Game Explanation]
players are approached by Lhaeo and asked to look for Randa,l game will be 50/50 Role play and roll play

[Application Process]
Respond to the following post in Character. Itís a long post and your post should include responses to everything in the post failure to do so will result in your application being thrown out.
Text temporarily removed.

[Character Creation]
do not create a character at this time once accepted you will be allowed to use any material from the Players hand book and any of the complete books No skills and powers will be allowed. At the end of your In Character post you can post your PCís Name, Race, Class, and Homeland I will then choose between 4 and 6 people for the game.


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