Death Happens

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Game Information
  • Created Oct 8 '09
  • Last Post May 27 '11 at 6:35am
  • Status Complete
  • System Paranoia

Game Description

Six highly trained, highly motivated Yellow clearance Trouble Shooters have just about completed their first mission together. It was a tough and costly mission that was handed down by the Computer itself. The mission was simple enough. Find and eliminate a group of commie traitors who were hacking into Friend Computers entertainment air waves with communist traitor advertisements! Once the filthy commies were found, however, there was another group of commie traitors who were trying to steal a strange Black Box from the first group of filthy commie traitors!

So what did our brave group of Trouble Shooters do? They did what any loyal citizen would do and they tried to blast them all! In the chaos a strangely dressed female, who later was identified as Screaming Sara, snuck away with the Black Box! Our brave heroes realized that this Black Box must be important if two groups of commie traitors were fighting over it. So they quickly gave chase after her.

Screaming Sara lead them to Alpha Complex's Food Vat room. She quickly took shelter in the room's control booth and taunted our brave heroes! Before the trouble shooters could make their way to her the room was suddenly filled with untold numbers of commie mutants traitors! The heroes fought their way to her and blasted Screaming Sara and she fell into one of the Food Vats! But wait?! What's that in her hands!? Oh no, she is still holding the Black Box!

Two of trouble shooters jumped in after her to retrieve the Black Box for Friend Computer! Sadly our heroes are braver then they were smart. They were heavily weighted down with plate armor! They sank like rocks. One of the trouble shooters, in an attempt to save their lives, dropped a very powerful explosive. The resulting explosion completely destroyed the food vat, killed one trouble shooter, and severely injured the other. What of the Black Box? Alas, it was not found after the explosion.

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