These Are the Voyages

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  • Created Oct 9 '09
  • Last Post Dec 7 '09 at 7:30am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

Game Description

The quiet humming of the shuttle's impulse engines fills your ears as the tiny craft pulls away from the support hanger bay adjacent to the dry dock facility. The pilot's hands fly over the controls as he twists it into a graceful bank towards the skeletal structure and the behemoth it houses.

As the shuttle approaches it seems to increase in size until it encompasses the entire canopy. The pilot whistles briefly "There she is, the USS Colorado, big beast isn't she?" You say nothing, simply absorbing the sight of your new home for the next few years. Galaxy class... these ships are the hands and eyes of the Federation, the first sight most new species will see of the Federation, and a grand sight she was.

The pilot glances at you before returning to his flying "I'll take the scenic route, it's pretty impressive." The shuttle slips through one of the cracks in the metal ribcage surrounding the Colorado and begins a lazy circle around the starship. Small yellow utility craft, "Worker Bees", were swarming all over the thing, probably performing last minute system checks and maintenance. You see the massive lettering neatly printed in a smooth curve across the fore of the ship, bright light splashing over it from hull-mounted floodlights, illuminating it. USS Colorado NCC-72496.

Next your guide takes takes you past the gigantic warp-nacelles, and you can almost feel a shift in the recycled air as the shuttle flies past. Probably performing last minute tests on the subspace displacement field. The shuttle loops around past the second nacelle and heads for the small shuttle bay. The shuttle slows down drastically as a docking tractor beam seizes the incoming transport and gentle eases it through the glowing force field preventing the bay from explosively decompressing.

As the skids touch down on the metal deck, the pilot twists around to face you. "This is your stop." He points to a group of figures on the observation platform "Looks like the Captain's waiting for you. Good luck to you." You nod and heft your duffel bag, pulling the loop over your shoulder. After a moment's pause, you walk down the ramp, taking your first steps to where no man has gone before...

Edit: We have a full crew and all senior positions have been filled. I will still be accepting new players for a short time but they will likely be senior NCOs rather than officers (eg. Transporter chief.)

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