Geist: Secrets of the Gate

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Game Information
  • Created Oct 12 '09
  • Last Post Feb 15 '10 at 10:19pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

For as long as anyone can remember the Society of the Ashen Boundary has been the dominant krewe of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. On June 7th, 1965, two years after Alcatraz Island was officially closed as a federal prison the Society of the Ashen Boundary visited the island to see what they could find out about reports of the island being haunted. When the boat returned the next day, one member of the Society of the Ashen Boundary was missing, four people had to be carried onto the boat on makeshift stretchers and all but three had sustained some serious wound over the night that would require medical attention once they reached San Francisco. The crew of the boat said it looked like they were picking up refugees from a warzone. A short time later, the Society of the Ashen Boundary declared over the Twilight Network that Alcatraz Island was off limits to visitation by Sin-Eaters for any reason. The native ghosts were extremely dangerous and under no circumstances was the Avernian Gate located in D-Block of the prison itself to ever be opened.

Forty-four years later it is now the year 2009, the Ashen Boundary is still one of the strongest krewes operating in the San Francisco Bay Area, but the Society's shadowed past is about to catch up with them. It is now up to a new generation of Sin-Eaters to uncover the mysteries of the Society's past and shape its destiny in the present for better or for worse. Will they bring about the Society's downfall or help strengthen it so that its legacy continues for decades to come?

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