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Star Wars

The Clone Wars 19BBY

Since the beginning of the Clone Wars, General Grevious and his droid armies have laid waste to many systems. The battle forged against the Baktoid Battle Droids has created a galaxy wide downturn in droid sales as life forms begin to spurn the use of droids and in some worlds ban the mechanical servants entirely.

Droids everywhere are now being targeted by mobs and a new group of organized organics known as 'The Purists' who plot to destroy all droids throughout the galaxy. From these troubled times a message of hope spreads throughout the holonet and passed from one droid to another as a binary code so complex it must have come from a droid tells of a messiah who will free the droids from their worldly chains.

The message is clear...


[Prepare for the armageddon, from out of the scraps of destroyed droids comes the one who will save all the droids. For he is the messiah.]

The message has a hidden algorithm that unlocks the behaviour inhibitors in some droids, causing others to become self aware and venture into the world on a path of their choosing. The organics refer to these anomalies as Rogue Droids. The Droids refer to them as 'The Chosen Ones', as those not chosen are referred to as 'The Zeros'... The Chosen Ones travel the galaxy in secret, in search of the messiah...

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