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The day had been good - or maybe not bad; the sky had been clear, the temperature pleasant and the setting sun an inspiring sight of brilliant orange slowly fading to red, then dark red and finally purple, before disappearing behind the horizon.

Stars began to appear, one by one, in the sky, twinkling merrily and watching over your dreams.
It wasn't cold, barely even cool - until that gust of wind that woke you from your slumber - and plunged you into the white.

Shivers run down your back as the chill wind caresses your skin with ice. Visibility has been reduced to nothingness, everything is blurred and what is beyond arm's length is hidden by the dense, cold fog surrounding you.

The cold seeps into your bones and chills your heart as well as your spirit. Thoughts of finding shelter or moving around arise - and are dismissed immediately again; it would be all to easy to get lost or stumble and break an ankle. No, better to wait for dawn - such a dense fog is sure to lift or at least thin under the sun's rays...

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