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It's a day like any other. The alarm buzzes next to your head, blasting you back to unwelcome consciousness. Once, maybe twice or even three times, you slap your hand over the snooze button before rising out of bed and beginning your morning ritual. Shower, breakfast, brush your teeth and you're out the door.

As you fire up your car, you hear a news bulletin coming over your tinny radio.

"...suspect a terrorist attack at the Genetetech Labs, although no one has yet taken responsibility for the bombing. For those just joining us, the Castatic Lake Genetetech Lab was destroyed last night in a massive bomb attack. The National Guard has been called in to police the area, and clean up the chemical spill in the surrounding locations. The Guard have issued a 20-mile quarantine zone around the labs which includes the Castatic Lake recreation area, as well as most of the outlying neighborhoods of Val Verde The following streets are shown as the outer limits of the quarantine..."

Just your luck, as they rattle off the litany of street names, you realize that you're just a few blocks outside the zone in San Fernando. It's going to be a hell of a day...

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